Friday, January 15, 2010

Hick Girl Finds True Love Dating Online!

Okay, so I live in a little podunk town in Northern California and the guys my age… well I grew up with all of them. When you have seen a guy in diapers, when he was little of course and picking his nose as he grew up, he’s not really a big turn on. When all the guys in town have grown up with you, that means they probably saw you pick your nose at some point in life too. In my small town dating someone else from town is kinda like going out with your brother, not going to happen! So what, do I have to become a nun? Again, not going to happen. So my options were pretty limited if I wanted to find a man which I certainly did. A friend told me she was “doing the dating online thing”.

At first I thought this girl has done lost her mind. But then when I saw the guys she was talking to, I was ready to sign up. She told me to try, I’ll just say, “yee haw, I am so glad I did”. With in a week I had found about 20 guys that were not only hot, but they had brains, jobs, personalities. Now I’m not “loose” online or off. But a girl has to look the menu over pretty good before ordering. So the next couple of weeks I chatted with several people and made some really good friends. There’s 1 extra special friend who I spend most of my time with, and there’s a great chance the rest of my life will be spent with him.

I’ll never make fun of dating online again. and their awesome dating online site has changed my life forever. Whether you’re Big City or Podunk, give it a shot. You just might find everything you’ve dreamed of and much more than you ever expected.

Finding Great Canadian Personals

When looking for that special someone, geography has to play a role for your match to work. Seeking out Canadian personals on KissCafe not only introduces you to great single people across the country, but you can chat, instant message and email each other for free. A highly interactive site, KissCafe isn’t just about meeting that right someone, with Ask Eureka you can get dating advice from other users and so much more. The Canadian personals might bring you onto this wonderful site, but the helpful and unique features will bring you back.

Love is a special thing, and KissCafe knows it. Meeting your potential love match online is a great way to build a quality relationship based on what really matters. With the quality Canadian personals to browse and helpful advice, this isn’t just a dating site. This is a community, helping each other find the happiness that comes from sharing your life with someone who makes you smile. There’s more than just a chance at a date, there’s a possibility of changing your whole life. Being open to the possibilities will allow you to make best use of the many features of KissCafe.

With the wide variety of dating site online, it can be hard to tell which one is right for you.

Looking for Canadian personals can narrow the search, but no other site can offer so many ways to connect or has such blogs, Ask Eureka or many of the other exclusives found on KissCafe. With so many ways to interact with other users, you’ll find yourself lost in pleasant conversations with interesting people almost instantly. All of this, and it’s free? Yes, sometimes the best things in life can be free, and meeting that special someone can be, if you try KissCafe with their great selection of Canadian personals.

How to find Singles Safely

It is true that we face, ever increasing, difficulty when searching for that one true love. We hope it will find us. We watch it happen, over and over, on television. The story books boast it. There are couples every where we turn. But was it really that easy? Did love really just fall into their laps? It is hard to say, but I can vouch for one fact. There are more singles out there, than it seems. It isn’t that they are hiding. It is that the world has become so big, and more people are staying home to shop, and do regular daily activities, that we are losing the opportunities to “accidentally” run into them. This causes our chances to drop dramatically. This means, that the singles that are out looking are in the clubs and other social situations, but if you are off by just a minute, then you could miss the person of your dreams all together. It makes the dating scene look pretty bleak.

Once again, I will say that the singles are out there. But more and more they are turning to the on-line dating scene. It is safer and more relaxed to browse from home. you don’t need to go on that devastating blind date, before you know anything about the person. We are able to see, hear, and read all about the prospect, before we ever even have to meet them. This takes a lot of the risk, and eliminates it all together. the singles on dating sites are not just the desperate who can’t find a date, they are the wise, who want to shop before they buy. If you have ever been on a blind date, or embarrassing first date, then you can appreciate this fact. You deserve to find the best. Shop safely.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

KissCafe is the only reliable matchmaker!

I was shy, lonely, and wanting to find the right man to spend my life with. But going out and meeting someone wasn’t something I could do very easily. My friends tried to set me up with guys all the time, but it never worked out. I needed someone who could fit into my busy life. I wanted someone who I knew liked me for me, not for my looks, my career status, or anything except for who I was. But how would that happen? How could I find someone like that?

I was introduced to KissCafe after I realized that most of the sites for dating you had to pay for. KissCafe is not like the other sites in many ways. Such as there are absolutely zero strings attached, no catches, nothing. They just want you to find your soul mate. My friends wanted to be mymatchmaker, but they didn’t know the guys well enough to know if we were really a good match. But with online dating, you know what the other person is into and what they are like a bit before you go diving in.

I loved how KissCafe had a place where you can ask questions to the community and you can read blogs of other users. This site is just like the other ‘matchmaker‘ sites, and more! And the best part is that it is completely free. No obligations, no payments, just you finding someone compatible and right for you.

I met someone within the first month of using the site. We started talking daily and we ended up meeting. If I had not joined KissCafe then I never would have met Zach. He is more then I could ever ask for in a guy. He is my Mr. Right and I thank KissCafe for creating their site everyday when I wake up next to him.

My Dating Online Love Story

After dating a few different people over a period of a couple months I got tired of the waiting game. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted to find someone that I could feel truly comfortable with and be myself around. I had considered dating online so I set out to find a dating website where I could seek out my match. After only a couple of weeks of dating online a guy named Victor sent me a message through had joined site. Once I looked at his profile I realized that we had some stuff in common. His profile said he liked hiking, cats, photography, cooking and sushi which I like too. I wrote him back and we started e-mailing shortly after that.

Eventually we ended up chatting through instant messenger and that was when I started to see how truly special he was. It was unbelievable how much we had in common. We had a lot of the same dreams and goals. He wanted to move to Maui just like I did. He wanted to have to have a farm just like a did. Both of us had grown up in the same area too which was a coincidence I suppose.

We talked online or on the phone almost every day for about 3 months. After 3 months of dating online we decided that we just had to see each other in person. I was living near San Francisco and he was living in San Diego so we decided that he should come meet me in San Francisco. The nervousness and excitement of having to wait to see him was overwhelming. I was so happy when the day finally arrived. I met him at a sushi restaurant for lunch the day that his flight came in and he showed up with a dozen red roses. I felt like we clicked instantly. The next day we met up again and went on a boat to Sausilito to have lunch again. We ended up staying there until sunset and then riding the ferry back to eat dinner in the city. I fell in love with my husband that day. I am ever so grateful that I gave dating online a try.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Free Dating Sites: Good Advice

“You should try free dating sites.”

That is what a friend told me to do about two years ago. The first thought that ran through my head was of course, “I’m not that much of a loser.” I mean, I always pictured free dating sites to be for forty-year old men who play Dungeons and Dragons in their grandmother’s basements. Being a twenty-three year old man who lived in an efficiency apartment, I thought I had at least another twenty years before I had to “settle” for free dating sites.

But loneliness can do some funny things to a person. I had just moved to Phoenix, Arizona and I didn’t know anyone besides the people I worked with. Let’s just say, as far as women went, my job had no talent whatsoever. After trying out the whole bar scene for a few months, I heard my friend’s voice in the back of my head saying “you should try free dating sites.” So I did.

One night I decided to log onto some free dating sites my friend suggested and I spent the next few hours surfing through profiles. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Once again I figured that the only people who used these sites were over forty and not what one would call “normal.” Let me just tell you, I was way wrong. Right off the bat on one of the first free dating sites that I came across, I found some really interesting profiles and not crazy cat-lady kind of interesting either.

In fact, one of the first profiles I came across was for a woman named Lisa. She was also new to the Phoenix area and was looking for a fun and interesting person to hang out with. She had all the same interests that I did. She loved football, enjoyed hiking and camping, and even kayaking! She even admitted to be skeptical of these free dating sites too. I continued looking through the rest of the profiles, but found myself going back to hers.

That same night I sent her a message letting her know that I saw her profile and was interested in maybe talking sometime. I checked out some other free dating sites, but couldn’t take my mind off of Lisa. Needless to say I was pumped when she replied back. We talked through the chat room on the free dating site, e-mails, and on the phone for the next few weeks and after about a month we finally went on a date. She was amazing. Everything I was looking for in a girl: fun, attractive, intelligent, and witty.

Skip ahead a few years and here we are, engaged to be married. We have a wedding planned for summer of next year after she’s graduated from college. It’s crazy to think that had I not listened to my friend’s advice about going onto free dating sites, Lisa and I would have never met. Not to sound corny, but fate really does exist. I think our generation is just lucky enough to have the internet to help it along.

Online Dating Gaining Popularity

More people are using online dating services today than ever before, and many married couples have praised online dating services for making their marriage possible. The potential mates you can find on the Internet are almost unlimited, you can meet people from anywhere in the world! This opens the door to opportunities that you would not have had otherwise, the Internet has certainly changed the way global society works. When you meet someone online, you can take the time to really get to know someone before you meet them face to face, this makes it less likely to get one of those horrible dates when you and the other person don’t seem to have anything to talk about.

When it comes to online dating, if people do not find anything they can talk about, they usually never meet. This saves a lot of money (on dinners and such) and a lot of time as well. While there is always the possibly of not hitting it off with someone even after you have talked to them online, the odds are less likely if you are selective about who you meet. Every year the number of people that use online dating services increase by the thousands world-wide, and perhaps in the future it will be just as common as any other type of dating. Another benefit to online dating is that no matter where you live, it is possible to find several people in your area that are also looking for someone.

Most online dating sites allow you to make a profile, list your interests, and post a picture of yourself. Other users browsing the site will be able to take a look at your profile and contact you if your profile interests them. This is a great way for people who are new to an area to meet others. If you haven’t ever used an online dating service before, why not give it a try?